Friday, March 20, 2009

Chanel Unlimited Drawstring Tote

Guess who did I see in MyeongDong, a shopping district in Seoul this evening, Patty Hou!

Taiwanese Artist - Patty Hou

Actually, not a big fan of her, she was shopping with her assistant when I saw her but what attracted me was actually the Chanel Unlimited Drawstring Tote that I read about on couple of hours before that in my hotel room.

Chanel Unlimited Drawstring Tote

Hmm... Gorgeous and low profile...

The New "Talking" iPod Shuffle

Black iPod Shuffle - 79.00USD

Say hello to my very first iPod Shuffle! This new generation comes in 2 colors, black and silver in a sleek, durable 1.8" x 0.3" anodized aluminum case. It's VoiceOver function enables the user to identify the title of the song, the artist and the playlist as well. The black one looks perfect as a fashion accessories as the petit black aluminum case goes with almost 3/4 of my entire wardrobe, loving it!

For more info, please visit the official Apple website.